Harmon Announces

Chief Deputy

Berkeley County, WV - Nathan Harmon announced that his Chief Deputy will be former Sheriff's Office Lieutenant, Tom Young.  His life-long passion for dogs led him to reinstate the K-9 Program under Sheriff Randy Smith. This progressed further into striving to meet the County's growing drug epidemic through interdiction patrols on Interstate 81.  Deputies were being trained in interview and interrogation techniques that led to the involvement in our local war on drugs.  Tom watched it come to an abrupt halt under the current administration.  K-9, SRT, every specialization came under fire that had once flourished and provided an example for others to follow, if they weren't downright terminated altogether.  After 16.5 years, he'd seen enough of everything he'd strived to make better, being destroyed by outdated ideas and directions.  Tom moved on to training explosive canines for the Department of State for two years following his time at the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office but remains an active member of the Berkeley County Deputy Sheriff's Association.  He wants nothing less than to see Sheriff's Office back on top and to make our County a better place not only for his son, but everyone's children; to leave it better than how he found it.  

Chief Deputy

Tom Young

I moved to Berkeley County, WV at the age of 13 and continue to reside here today with my family.  I am a graduate of Musselman High School and Glenville State College with a degree in Criminal Justice.  After college, I continued working with my father and his construction business until being hired by Sheriff Randy Smith in March 2001.  I graduated the West Virginia State Police Academy later the same year.  I rose to the rank of Lieutnant prior to my leaving he Sheriff's Office honorably.  I moved on to training explosive detector canines for two years before moving back into what I had done since the age of 12 with my father, construction.  I am currently a Project Manager with a significant home builder in Loudoun County, VA.  My wife and I are proud to call Berkeley County, WV our home and want nothing less than having a safe place for our son to grow up.