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Let YOUR VOICE be heard and see REAL ACTION that will result in REAL CHANGE

It is time to take your community back and make Berkeley County a family oriented safe place to reside and raise your family.  Together, we will establish a Sheriffs Office that is resourceful, efficient and proactive.  Our deputies can once again raise their heads up high and be eager to serve our Berkeley County community, being equipped with the proper tools and possessing the training needed to battle the issues that are currently crippling our community and threatening their resiliency.  TOGETHER we can make a difference, TOGETHER we can make positive change. Let YOUR VOICE be heard and support me to become your next Berkeley County Sheriff.   

Drug Interdiction
and Prevention

This is a three tier process- Prevention, Detection, Preservation 


We will involve our community by LISTENING to their concerns and advocate for our community to report suspicious activity while EDUCATING our citizens on the risks involved through programs taught by your Deputies.



Incorporating and implementing grant funded resources, detection training and mobile enforcement teams to strike at the heart of the drug affected areas. Communicating and working with affiliate agencies to effectively establish a conduit of intelligence that can be shared among other drug enforcement initiatives.



Understanding that you cannot arrest your way out of this drug problem, we will use existing drug rehabilitation programs efficiently.  Strengthening the communication efforts between the Day Report Centers, Berkeley County Recovery Resource Center and our officers. We will research an implement Mutual Aid Agreements with bordering states as this is not just a Berkeley County WV drug problem, but more of a Tri-State drug problem.

Effective spending
of Tax  money

It is hard earned tax payer money and it should NOT be wasted or mismanaged

I will aggressively seek cost effective spending and efficient operations of the Tax Office.  I will ensure that our tax office employees are effectively being utilized and trained to properly address our Berkeley County citizens needs.  I will ensure that your tax dollars are NOT wasted and budgeted efficiently through statistically backed research and cost saving methods in submissions to our County Council subsequently eliminating haphazardly and ill intended efforts by past administrations. This is YOUR money and I want to ensure our Berkeley County residents that it is in GOOD HANDS.